Finding Your Way Around

You can navigate around Torpoint.Biz by clicking on the tabs at the very top of the window, or by clicking on links.

The tabs will take you to the main reference pages, except for the one labelled “HOME”. That one takes you to the ‘front page’, which features the “Welcome to Torpoint.Biz” introduction, along with the opening parts of the most recent articles.

Other reference pages, as well as Torpoint.Biz’s article pages
and also pages on other web sites, can be reached via the many links provided.

Following Links
Most of the links to other web sites that you’ll find on Torpoint.Biz will open in a new tab or window, leaving your original page still open for you to refer to.
When you follow a link which replaces your current window instead, such as the “Quick Links” on the right, you can always get back by clicking the ‘Back’ button in your browser (the left-pointing arrow in the top left corner of your screen).

Recognising Links
As you’d expect, text links on Torpoint.Biz are identifiable by their appearance.
They’re blue, often underlined, and change to orange when the mouse cursor is over them. Whether they’re in bold type or not, whether they’re in the main text or on the side bar to the right, you can follow them by clicking on them.

Links can also take the form of pictures or graphics. Wherever your mouse cursor changes from an arrow to a pointing hand, you can click there to reach somewhere else. The advertisements on the right-hand side are an example of this.

‘Read More’ Links
Where you see a light blue, oval invitation to “Read More”, it’s a link to the full text of the page of which, currently, you can see only the first part.

Searching the Site
If you’re not sure where to look for something on Torpoint.Biz, you can try typing a word or two in the search box to the right, and clicking the magnifying-glass symbol. This will take you to pages containing those words.

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